This is the first in our series of 5 blogs, taking you on the journey to creating a truly effective brand.

Step 1: Know why you need branding

Brand: “A brand is a set of associations that a person (or group) makes with a company, intentional or not.”

There are many reasons why a company needs branding, but ultimately it boils down to being able to separate your company from your competitors. It is all about being familiar and recognisable to your target audience for what your company is about, what it delivers and what value is attached to that.

Research Your Market

It is important to make sure you research your market before starting any work to make sure you understand the current trends to ensure that your brand matches up with them. This also includes competitor research and looking to see how you can differentiate your brand from theirs. This will help you better understand what you want to achieve when creating the brand identity.

Create a Brand Identity

Creating a Brand Identity is not such a simple task – it is more than just a logo: It starts with the idea and vision for the company and has to communicate the company values, promise and direction.

The Brand Identity needs to come through in every appearance and aspect of the brand: the colours used, the images associated and the way you describe your company. With that in mind, it is important to take into account who your audience(s) is, your existing position in the market (high-end/low-end etc.), your competitors and where the company aims to be in the next few years.

These initial steps will help you to establish a memorable and distinctive brand.

Otherwise, see our next blog “STEP 2: Plan Your Brand’s Identity and Future”.


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