(Following up on STEP 1 - What Do You Stand For?)

If you don't visualise it and if you don't enforce it - how do you expect to communicate it?

It's all very well creating your brand values, your mission plan, market research and developing your brands messaging - but these are essentially redundant to you and your organisation if they are not being actioned.

You have your structure - an important starting point. Now it's just a case of cementing these elements together to build upon a more solid foundation for your brand.

Show what you want to say!

The company logo is the element that requires your initial attention. The logo anchors the brand and becomes the most public manifestation of the company. It's your introduction and your character rolled into one.

Your logo needs to be appropriate and it needs to encompass your brand ethos. Without this, inconsistency is formed and an incorrect picture and association is created. Your logo needs to be confident, true and clearto enforce and mirror your values. It needs to say what you want it to.

Get your ducks in a row

Everything you produce should communicate your intended brand image and convey your values, whilst feeding back and referring to your brand foundations. All brand elements, both inbound and outbound, must align. From initial enquiry to the delivery experience to the product/service and the after care.

Your audience is forming its opinion from your brand stationery, the uniforms your employees wear, your social media banners, the content placed and used on your website and even the magazines your company is advertised in. Every detail helps form an accurate or inaccurate representation.

Brand consistency is crucial for showing what you want to say. As with any imbalance - confusion will be created. Clarity is required to create a confident brand identity and to promote a clear brand message.

Get your employees on board

Managing and maintaining your brand and its representation is crucial for any organisation within any sector. You must involve your employees from the start. If your employees don't know what your brand stands for - how will anyone else?

Make sure the foundations of your brand are instilled into all employees and reinforced continually. Your employees are your brand ambassadors. You must work in harmony, once again, for the importance of consistency. Make sure this information is easily accessible and referable. The values and ethos will soon become habitual.

It takes time and patience to communicate consistently enough to build a solid brand foundation. You cannot rush the consideration of all important influential elements.

Set realistic expectations and be sure to show what you want to say. Get your ducks in a row and get your employees on board. Get your brand saying what you want it to.

Once you understand what your brand says, then you're ready to look at your unique story. Join us for STEP 3 - What Is Your Unique Story?

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