6 Steps To Telling Your Story; Step 6 - Does Your Team Embody It?

 (Following up on STEP 5 – How Do You Tell It Digitally?)

No matter what your story is and how well you communicate it to your target audience, it is essential that your team understands, embraces and engages with your brand story.

Your team is your best brand resource and if properly motivated, they can be a very effective ‘mouthpiece’ for your company’s core messaging.

How can I raise awareness of my brand story?

In order to properly encourage a high level of engagement and proactivity with your brand story, you must ensure that you start at the beginning with your induction process.

  • Include your brand story in the employee handbook
  • Ask the Managing Director to deliver the brand story as part of a welcome meeting
  • Encourage new employees to share their thoughts on the brand story
  • Invite existing employees to share their experiences of the brand story

To ensure that your target audience has a positive and engaging connection with your brand story, you must ensure that no matter who you talk to in your company, the message is clear and consistent. It is vital that everyone is on the same page, no matter his or her role, seniority, length of service or level of responsibility. 

  • Schedule regular internal meetings and ensure that you take the opportunity to focus on an aspect of the brand story
  • Encourage senior employees to lead by example and champion the brand story

How can I ensure my team embodies our brand story and values?

When looking to ensure long-term engagement with your brand story it is essential to focus on clear, realistic objectives. These may include:

  • Always being open and responsive to suggestions and ideas to help communicate the brand story from employees
  • Look to regularly update the brand story to ensure it continually communicates the evolution of your company
  • Look at ways in which you can give employees ownership of campaigns or projects that are linked to the brand story – give them the opportunity to tell the story in their own way.

This is often the last step in telling your story. Then it is time to go back to the beginning, review and plan ahead.

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