In our line of work, we talk about change a lot.

Changes to Google algorithms, Facebook updates and new marketing tools are all just another day in the office for us.

But what about other kinds of businesses?

It’s easy to forget that, whilst we’re keeping pace with the near light speed rate of change in marketing, every other organisation is preoccupied, quite rightly, with keeping pace with their respective industries instead.

However, the problem is the search engines (particularly Google) don’t care.

Don't get left behind

Google expects everyone to be heading in the same direction. If you can’t keep up, that’s fine but no one will find you and no one will remember your name.

In the 21st Century, if we lose pace with the world we lose our place in the world.

Everything is that fast.

To put that in context: in a single day, the world produces more data than the whole of history up to 2013. The scarier thing is that storage is keeping pace which means there’s no sign of this prodigious pace of innovation slowing down.

We all know someone who technology has left behind.

Whether it’s the guy in the office who refuses to read emails on the screen so determinedly prints everything out or that relative who panics whenever Windows prompts them to install a security update, we all know someone.

We roll our eyes and we patiently explain but, deep down, we know they’ll never change.

Now imagine it’s not a person, but a business. And it’s not a security update; it’s an algorithm that will directly impact how visible the company is in search results. This, in turn directly impacts on enquiries, sales and (ultimately) profits.

If Google is Silverstone: a business that doesn’t invest in digital marketing is effectively like a car starting on the grid whilst all their competitors get a racing start. With a time bonus. And bigger engines. And turbo boosters. Because why not?

The point is: the race track of success is littered with the abandoned wrecks of businesses that simply couldn’t hold it together.

Whilst some would have failed through poor planning, poor budgeting or outright incompetence, there will be those who underestimated their competition’s willingness to innovate and were simply outpaced by them.

In racing, the car and the driver are only as good as the pit crew that works on it. It’s a symbiosis built on trust and no small measure of faith. Of fidelity.

Marketing Partners

Working with a marketing agency is very similar. We tweak, turbo charge, innovate and improve; all to get the engine of industry running smoothly to give the best chance of success in a fast moving market and with it the best results.

It takes real commitment for businesses to invest in either the technology or the people to carry out an effective marketing strategy as, from a standing start, it takes a tremendous amount of effort to gain the momentum needed to outpace your competitors.

Failures to seize the initiative, reluctance to try the unfamiliar or prideful attitude to change are all reasons why companies are left in the dust and, ultimately, fall by the wayside.

Like it or not, progress is no longer a march, it’s a full on, high octane race to finish and businesses are expected to keep up. Or end up looking like a prop out of Mad Max.

If you’re at all concerned about keeping pace with tech in your industry or simply looking to boost your existing knowledge then take a look at the Training Courses Intergage has to offer. Or alternatively call our office on 01202 684009 and book in a coffee and consultation with one of our in-house experts.

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