What's The Deal With Instagram?

To the B2B world, Instagram probably seems like a very confusing, intimidating but annoyingly relevant platform. Just when you’ve got your head around Facebook, Instagram starts getting all the press about how receptive to content the young business decision makers of the future are.

And you know what? The press is right.

Instagram has been a real hit with the younger generations. By a ‘real hit’ we mean a complete game changer that has made many other platforms irrelevant. Over 60% of young adults have an account and collectively post upwards of 100 million photos per day. That’s right – per day. Over eight million registered businesses are using Instagram with over a million monthly active advertisers, projected to generate $2.8bn of ad revenues this year.

It’s safe to say that Instagram is a big deal…

…but is it worth your attention?

As you’re probably aware, Instagram is built around producing visual content – whether that’s photography, video, illustration etc. As much as marketers hope, you’ll be hard pressed to find any Instagram user who is willing to sit and read your entire 1200 word caption.

It just simply isn’t how it works.

This is why you must rely on your visual content. Put simply – it HAS to look good. The argument we hear from many businesses is that their business just isn’t visually interesting enough. But what you have to remember is that someone will always find it interesting. You just need to put your beret on and start creating.

Remember, social media is all about you. It’s about sharing what other people have never seen before. There’s always going to be someone interested and Instagram is a vehicle to share this.

Ignore The Stereotype

Instagram started its life as an immature community of photo filter enthusiasts. Over time, it has evolved and matured to become something that businesses can really use. A website, email, phone call or directions to your local business is just a single click away from your profile.

The minimal aesthetic of Instagram only emphasises these methods of contact – driving a huge amount of instant engagement. Almost 150 million Instagrammers use this feature each month to learn more about a business – me being one of them.

Mobile First

Instagram can seem extremely superficial. It’s so lightweight and limiting in terms of content – but no more than Twitter when you think about it. The beauty of the platform is how it taps into the mobile-centric world that we live in today. It’s mobile-only. Plain and simple. Although this does make it a tad difficult to manage as a business, it allows you to be agile and connect with decision makers when they’re on the phone.

In other words – not sat at their desk while working in the office. Remember, business owners are still working when they’re not in the office.

And this is the real benefit of tapping into this space. Generally speaking, it’s likely that you use LinkedIn within working hours – and within these hours, you probably have your guard up more. Often less receptive to distractions because it’s work time – right?

Be Resourceful With Your Resources

What you need to be careful of is pouring your resources into a platform purely because it’s available to you. All of your individual marketing efforts should play a role in your overarching marketing goals and business objectives.

Spend a lot of time at the side lines before jumping in both feet first. If you see no value for your business, walk away and use your resources elsewhere. If Instagram lends itself well to your business and who you work with, develop a strategy and prepare to move quickly.

And who cares if you’re doing it differently to everyone else? That’s one way to stand out. Now that the Internet is completely saturated with content and trends, doing something a little differently and being absolutely and unapologetically genuine is what really matters.

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