Why Should Businesses Run Events?

I am often asked whether holding an event can really improve a company's visibility and sales. People ask ... is it going to be time, effort and money well spent? And my answer is always YES.

A properly thought-out, professionally planned event can make a big difference to your sales and brand awareness. The key words being "properly thought-out."

So how can events help businesses?

Events are a tried and tested method for businesses to reach and engage with their audiences. Increasingly events form a key part of many a company's marketing strategy. Why? Because events allow your audience to actually experience your company, its people and services before they buy.

They can look somebody in the eye and have a one-to-one dialogue about what matters to them. Meeting somebody face-to-face is a necessary stage in all key business purchasing decisions. What events actually allow you to do is gently showcase your expertise and experience. Events are the ultimate in live marketing.

Corporate events are therefore a way of acquiring and retaining customers. They also have time sensitive deadlines: attendees have to make a decision, to commit to coming to your event - you have just got to be there! There are of course the obvious economies of selling one to many rather than one to one. It is often easier to sell to a big group as the reactions of others influence those around them - so your event needs to be good!

This means that it is imperative that the event delivers a great company experience. Enduring attendees not only learn something but feel inspired to call you, sign up and want to work with you. In other words you are seeking to encourage a change in behaviour to...'I think you can help me'.

I call it the money action.

The issue for the event planner is how do they create a fabulous and lasting audience impression and in doing so, ensure your company is remembered for all the right reasons. Get it right and great things can happen; get it wrong and your reputation may be damaged.

Before you plan your next event! It's back to basics

And I mean...back to basic event marketing principals. Do your research: find something that people need or want. Establish who you need in the room to make the buying decision (customer profile): create an event to fill this need and then tell them about it. Once they are at your event - give them a great experience and then they will buy! Maybe not right now but when the time is right.

If you're thinking of planning an event and not sure where to begin, come along to our Marketing Leaders Lunch. 

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