The world of marketing is constantly evolving, with innovations in communications and channels emerging every day.

Social Media has been the biggest influence on marketing in recent years, allowing more immediacy in communications but also giving companies a platform to engage with audiences directly. Email marketing has also had a major impact, becoming one of the leading tools in the marketing mix.

But marketing still has traditional tools at heart….

The marketing plan is an essential tool for every company, giving structure and consistency to all of your communications. Whilst a lengthy strategic document still has its place, it is possible to create a one page marketing plan or calendar plan which succinctly informs you and your team of month by month activities.

Then there’s your brand: The personality and core of your company. Developing a strong brand will always put you a step ahead of the competition as well as giving your audience something to familiarise themselves with, building brand recognition and awareness.

Traditional marketing tools will always have their place; from PR and advertising through to events and relationship marketing. But the one which stands out from the crowd right now is direct mail: Think how few letters you receive now compared to emails…this is one way of really getting your customer’s attention, especially with creative tools such as Lumpymail to get your creative juices flowing and give the recipient something truly tangible to keep their interest.

So, in keeping with tradition, to learn a little more about these core marketing basics, come along to our next Marketing Leaders Lunch. 

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